MDT 2013: Installing MDT 2013

Now we are going to install MDT 2013. This is a simple process but I wanted to show you anyways.

After you have downloaded MDT 2013 from Microsoft (See This Post)

When you first Launch the MDT 2013 Installer, you should see the following screen:


Click Next to Continue


Accept the License Agreement and click Next:


Choose the Location that you want MDT 2013 to be installed.  This is typically left alone but you are more than welcome to install it on a separate partition/drive.  Once you’ve chosen the appropriate location, Click Next:


I typically choose not to join their CEIP but it’s up to you.  Click Next:


Now, Click Install

That’s It!  It’s pretty straight forward….  Now onto the good stuff!  We will be setting up our MDT 2013 Deployment Share in the next post.

Also, I am in the process of making a video that will explain and show all of these steps


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